How can we create a space for reflection on public transit?

Interactive Chair Design for the Seattle Sound Transit Link Light Rail
INSIGHT: Seattle Link riders want a quiet, reflective transit experience.
Our initial idea for this project was to create a surround sound musical experience to help passengers connect with each other while riding the Link light rail. However, in our participant research which we conducted through a Google survey, we found that the most common emotion felt during bus rides is 'reflective'. 

RESPONSE: We wanted to honor the spirit of contemplation with this understated and unintrusive experience. The color of the chair is a plain white, and the shape allows for privacy by shielding the user and creating a solitary space for reflection.


INSIGHT: Seattle Link riders want to have control over their auditory experiences.
Participants wanted to be able to stop or change the music if they didn't like it.

RESPONSE: When someone sits on the chair, instrumental music starts playing. The music can be changed with one knock, and stopped with two knocks.​​​​​​​ 
We printed a sticker with a 'knock here' label to help guide the users into exploration and discovery.

Sasha Noerdin and I created the chair prototype using a wooden frame draped with fabric. We added a motion sensor, two microphones, and a speaker to an Arduino in order to creating a working prototype. Through this project, we learned how to use a miter saw, how to solder, how to code an Arduino, and how to sew.

Made for Design 325: Physical Computing


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