How has your perspective on your culture shifted over time?
My classmates and I were tasked with interpreting a typeface in whatever way we chose. The typeface Sabon represented a shift in perspective for its designer, Jan Tschichold, who shifted from a modernist to classical style throughout his career. ​​​​​​​
Inspired by this theme of change in beliefs over time, my partner Evita and I decided to interview our friends and classmates about how their perspective on their own cultures have changed over time.
This experiment resulted in unexpected conversations filled with laughter, lament, gratitude, nostalgia, and insight. We made the decision to keep the profanity to preserve the raw and honest nature of these conversations.
We learned about the foods they ate growing up, microaggressions they have experienced, and the complex relationships each of them have with their family members and how that has shaped them as people.

Both front and back covers contain snippets of our conversations with our participants, meant to highlight both the joys and pains of cultural diversity.

Final Product Photo:

Photo by Evita Wijaya

We printed actual copies and gave them to our participants as thank-you gifts. 
My main contributions were concept development, conducting the interviews, and creating illustrations. 


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